N's email 11/20/2014

area: MTC (Missionary Training Center) Provo, Utah
companion: Elder Potter

Thanks for all the support Mom, and all my siblings and everyone else. I can only email on P-days and they "strongly encourage" only writing on P-days so that's why you've only received one letter.

My companion is Elder Potter. He's from Idaho and has a southern accent. We get along pretty well though. The other guys in the district are super amazing. 2 are from Canada and they act most like Californians than any of the rest of the people here. One of them is Elder Boehmer who was our district leader until him and his companion became zone leaders and now I'm the district leader. Now I'm glad for all the leader opportunities I had in Camino ward.

The MTC is awesome though. For those who have been to Brother Stark's Mission Prep class, it's essentially that 24/7 and on steroids. The first night they have big groups talk with people who are investigating the church and we got nowhere with any of them. I think they do that to humble us cuz I felt like I had just run into a brick wall (or Michael) when that experience was over. It really showed me that I still had a lot to learn, even though I was a lot more prepared from Mission Prep.

The food is great! And I'm learning to eat things I don't like Grandpa and Grandma... even though I said I never would.

One story, we are teaching a lady named Carol over Skype and the first time she saw us she said that we just looked so happy we had a glow to us, that we seemed to be emitting light. I think it's just her imagination but that does explain how happy I am.

I miss all of you and I love all of you. But I love the Lord more. He wants me to be here. So I want to be here.