Michael - October 2017

Oct 15-21, 2017

I've been feeling better lately. Able to stand quiet not be so frazzled so much. I think getting up myself not hitting snooze facing the day instead of dreading getting out of bed helps a lot.

Sunday my grandpa agreed to give a ride to someone I have been to bringing to Camino Ward so I could go to Singles Ward. There was a Linger Longer after and a fireside and a game night that was fun.

Monday at the temple they had me clean the fountain. Afterwards I studied a bit and added a bit to a Memoirs thing I've been doing. When I got home, I gathered walnuts and took the green waste for compost in my garden. Also my grandpa wanted to fix a pipe that had cracked on the property and we had to turn the water off so we got up at 1 in the morning to fix that.

Tuesday I worked at Bishop Storehouse. It was a slow day. They've been letting me clean the floors everyday I'm there and that used up a bit of time. Afterwards I was tired I went home and took a nap.

Wednesday DI They have asked us to stop using, it's a funky word, gaylords, they're big boxes that go on pallets and we fill them up with clothing and items for storage and shipping. Instead of gaylords they want us to use carts to stage items for processing and we've been running out of carts because processing can't keep up so I've been going over to processing to try and get things moving anyway I can. Wednesday I helped in clothing for a while and kept switching out carts and dumpsters anytime they were full to keep people working. I noticed they were almost getting buried in books so I helped out over there for a while and that was the first time I got to price items myself. Also that night was Temple night with the Singles Ward. Apparently the tradition is to do baptisms but we didn't bring names. hey let it slide but we got a bit of a talking to about bringing our own names and doing other things too like initiatories.

Thursday, Facilities this week was Camino and Placerville building. I tried looking around for things to do and started cleaning the stove under the burners and Jeff the guy I work with pulled the fridge away from the wall and it was really dirty and he said I could try cleaning that up. I also pulled the stove out and cleaned that and when we got to Placerville I cleaned under theirs also. After Facilities work I went to the Family History Center and tried puzzilla.org. Then ended up indexing and got a batch done, that was exciting. Then that night I went back to Placerville building for the self-reliance personal finance class.

Friday currently unassigned as a YCSM. I visited Jacob's Seminary class and came home and gathered walnuts and then went to Camino School to help out in my mom's class then came home gathered apples and cleaned up the barn a bit, some laundry and cooked noodles.

Haven't done Saturday yet but plan on helping Marv Rowland move out then going over to do "not splits" splits with the missionaries in Shingle Springs.

Oct 22-28, 2017

Sunday this week at Singles Ward, my records arrived and they "sustained" me in Sacrament Meeting. I thought there was a linger longer afterwards, so I brought what I had - baked beans and a cake - but there wasn't a linger longer, there was a game night, though it started at 7:3 and church ended at 5:3 and I really didn't want to drive all the way home just to drive back, so I hung out at Mormon Center for a while and attempted to index on my phone it didn't really work. Some people came to set up for a Fireside and I help them out and then left for game night. I thought the game night started at 7 but when I got there everything was dark, so I drove back into town the stay in a parking lot and read scriptures till it started I was guessing at 7:3. It did, we played snort, signs, and headbands. It was a lot of fun.

Monday - On Sunday, I started a load of laundry but it wouldn't drain, so Monday after working at the temple, I came home and took everything apart and finally found out that the impeller on the drain pump motor was all stripped, so my grandpa ordered a new one that would arrive on Wednesday. At the temple, I did the normal, cleaning the bathrooms, one of the other missionaries brought breakfast Burgers from McDonald's for everyone and that was nice. That night we also had a bit more of a family night than usual, not so much organized but actual talking and interactions with each other. Grandpa Jacob and I talked while cooking dinner, and Jessica and mom talked while making a quilt.

Tuesday Bishop Storehouse - we kept busy enough they let us bag produce that took some time and I cleaned the floors again and helped a few patrons. When I got home I gathered walnuts again

Wednesday worked at DI it was fun I started pretty early helping out in processing, worked in books for a little while with a guy named Gabe. Then somebody had to use our table so I went over to help with small as is processing. Then when I took something from there over to electronics, I saw they were getting buried, so I helped out there the rest of the day. At closing time I really wanted to try and improve the system, but I had to go. After DI I saw a counselor that I've been seeing for a while. When I got home I did a little bit of work on the washer while listening to tapes of dramatized New Testament. Some of the other stuff they do is pretty corny but I think these are really good.

Thursday - today I worked at facilities, this week was Cameron Park and Georgetown buildings. At Cameron Park, I loosened up a wheel on the janitorial cart and cleaned behind the fridges and stoves and I've been taping the indicators on the paper towel dispensers so that they work right. At Georgetown, I de-cobwebbed the backside of the building then dusted the woodwork on the walls of the chapel and vacuumed off the top of the outcroppings at each end of the stand. When I got home, I finished putting the washer back together, Jacob Holt helped me put the dryer back on top. Then I went to Placerville building for the personal finance class but no one was there so I helped clean the building and played dodgeball with the missionaries and youth. We stopped early to help set up for Placerville's Halloween Party tomorrow and it was one of the fastest setups I've ever seen

It’s still Thursday, but Friday I plan on helping with the Bishop Storehouse delivery to our stake in the morning, then helping at Camino School, and I heard Camino Ward's Trunk or Treat is tomorrow night, so I'll go to that. A while ago, Mom and Jessica told me I have to be Wreck-It Ralph to go with the Combrink them

Saturday I'm helping with Camino Ward's wood splitting project. Then there's the big conference Fireside thingy with Elder Rasband, the Singles Ward is having a big multi stake frisbee activity at the Mormon Center starting at 9, then I'm ushering parking, and then the Fireside itself