N's email 9/14/2015

area: Jennings Branch (Welsh, Louisiana)
zone: Orange
companion: Elder Hobbs

This week has been great! We have been teaching a part member family, Michael is the father and the only member, but his wife Rosie loves the church! They used to attend frequently but got offended so they stopped coming about 5 years ago. They realize they need to come back though and that this church is where they need to be. They have 5 kids all over 8!

These past couple weeks I've been trying to change my greatest hope and desire to "baptize people so they may be forgiven of their sins" which came from Elder Corbridge when he came to our mission. Heavenly Father truly grants according to the desires of our hearts.

We got to go on an exchange with Elder Smith (one of our Zone Leaders) and I'm really grateful for his example. I learned a lot from him these past 2 transfers. But he's being transferred and will be going home in six weeks so this is the last time I'll see him. Elder Heaps (a member of our district) is also getting transferred. He's such a good missionary and I will miss him! I think he's going to be a District Leader somewhere else though and I'll probably get to serve around him again.

I get to stay with a companion for more than 6 weeks finally! My son (Elder Hobbs) and I aren't being transferred! I wasn't sure if my one-and-done streak would continue or not... Elder Hobbs is a great missionary! He's progressed a lot and he's super willing to change and improve when people invite him to do so.

Story Time: It rains a lot here. Like every day. Trust me, I've been praying that all this water will go to California! Being on a bike I don't want it anymore. Don't get me wrong, biking in the rain is about the most fun you ever get to have as a missionary, but it's not very effective because there's nobody outside to talk to and nobody lets you in their house because it looks like you just jumped in the local bayou. Last Sunday we got POURED on! the wettest I've ever been while wearing slacks and a tie. I'm sure Heavenly Father is up there with a giant watering can laughing as He empties it every day in whatever town we're in. We laugh back though so it's ok. I love being a missionary!

I love all of you! But I love Jesus Christ more. And this is where He wants me. So this is where I want to be.