one of Mom's emails to Nathan during the flooding

Hi Nathan,

I'm still going with the, "no news must be good news." I haven't heard anything from your Mission President, so you must be okay.

I often check your weather, and on Sunday I noticed that you'd have a lot of rainy days ahead, but that seems normal for your weather reports, so I didn't think anything of it, until I'd heard that radio news report Monday afternoon! Since then, I've been stalking your flooding conditions.

Hopefully, you are safe, in an upstairs apartment, possibly bored, hopefully not hungry. I thought these snippets of articles from LDS Living Magazine site would be okay to send you. Maybe you can share them with your Zone.

Stay safe!
I love you!

Photos: Temple Grounds Flood After Major Storms in Texas, Temple Remains Miraculously Untouched

by LDS Living     April 19, 2016

...In the midst of these violent storms, the Houston Texas Temple has miraculously remained untouched by the flooding, though water is lapping around the temple grounds.

In a post on Facebook, Friends of Houston Texas South Stake reported that the temple is "high and dry." In fact, it said this storm might not even be the most severe the temple has weathered. In the past, flood waters have reached the front doors to the ancillary building, according to the post.
Despite the temple being safe, it has been closed on Tuesday, April 19 due to flooding on the roads to keep temple patrons and workers safe.

In addition, they posted a letter from the temple presidency, saying the temple is safely 8 feet above the water line.
Here are more photos along with the presidency's message:
The temple will continue to be closed - see letter from temple presidency below.
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We extend our deepest love and gratitude to you all for your faithful and devoted service in this special and holy place, the Houston Temple. We know that many of you and your co-workers have expressed concern and interest in the status of the temple in light of the serious flooding that has occurred along the Cypress Creek water shed. Access to the temple from virtually every direction is impassible; all of the parking areas on the grounds are at least partially flooded; and we have continued concern about the ancillary building.
The temple itself stands safe and secure at least 8 feet above the water line. It is a wonderful sight to behold! We think it is a strikingly beautiful image and reflection as captured in the special photo attached, produced by one of our wonderful ordinance workers, Bob Boyd. Thank you Brother Boyd!
According to our best projections, it appears highly unlikely that we will be able to re-open the temple before Friday. Water levels will remain high through mid-day tomorrow. We do not anticipate access to the temple before Thursday at the earliest; and even then, will require clean-up and preparation efforts.
We would ask that you share this information with the temple workers on your respective shifts that the temple will not be open either Wednesday or Thursday of this week.
Attached are a couple of photos taken earlier today of the temple. We hope that the "creek doesn't rise" any further!
In deepest gratitude for your patience, service, understanding and leadership. You are in our prayers. We know there are some of you who are suffering from losses associated with this devastating flood event. In addition to help and service through your Priesthood leaders, please let us know of opportunities to reach out to any who have been affected.
Houston Temple Presidency,
Marshal W. Hayes
Albert E. Haines
Harry D. Eulitt

(When I showed the kids this picture, Jessica oohed and awed over the pretty reflection, but said she didn't remember there being a lake in front of the temple. I told them it's not a lake - it's the flood waters.)

(Here's a picture from Elder Hobb's blog)