N's Mission President's email 11/25/2014

Your Missionary has arrived safely to T.H.E. Mission!
Upon arrival we met your missionary at the airport
and took them directly to the mission home where they were fed Texas Bar-b-que.
Individual interviews were conducted by President Drake.
That evening they were invited to share their testimonies. 

The following morning was focused on training
after which they met their new companion and were transported to their area of service.
They are now out diligently searching for our Heavenly Father's children
and doing the work of the Lord.

Thank you for sending your daughters and sons to us,
they have added great strength to our small army here in the Texas Houston East Mission.
We love them and are so grateful to have them with us.
We are delighted that your Missionary is here and look forward to working with them.
President and Sister Drake