N's pictures from Transfer #4 - Broadway / Hobbs - 3/31/2015 to 5/12/2015

area: Broadway 1st Ward, Texas Houston East Stake
zone: Broadway
companion: Elder Hobbs

entering THE Mission 03/30/2015

leaving THE Mission 04/01/2015

Broadway apartment

Elder Hobbs and Elder Combrink

Elder Hobb's birthday

Elder Monson and Elder Dean


lightning storm
"rained-in" (instead of "snowed-in)

Elder Brewer and Elder Mitchell
(the AP's - Assistants to the President),
Zone Leaders,
Elder Combrink, and Elder Hobbs

want to see something that will scare you more than anything?
look at the southern intersection of 45 and 610 on Google maps
and know that we drive through it at least 4 times a week.
I love you mom. Thanks for all that you do!
(Nathan knows I hate freaky on-ramps and having to merge in crazy conditions)

Elder Hobbs, Elder Monson, Elder Dean, and Elder Combrink



Elder Dean and Elder Monson

Bishop Cruz and Elder Combrink

entering THE Mission 5/11/2015

leaving THE Mission 5/13/2015