N's email 5/11/2015

area: Broadway 1st Ward (Houston, Texas)
zone: Broadway
companion: Elder Hobbs

This week has been really spiritual. I felt the Holy Ghost a lot while teaching, contacting and during studies. I'm working on being more humble so I can feel it more abundantly all the time, but I'm grateful to Heavenly Father that he allows me to feel His love as often as I do.

We taught quite few lessons, mostly to just one investigator. He accepted a baptismal date during our first real lesson and it was only like 12 days away so we started 10 days to baptism and trying to get him to have a knowledge of the doctrine this week. He was progressing super well but then he didn't come to church, even though we woke him up with the member that was giving him a ride. But he said he forgot it was Mother's Day so he couldn't come. He's still awesome though.

We also had a couple lessons with Paul. He's from Trinidad and our first lesson with him this week (2nd lesson overall) he pretty much dropped us at the beginning of the lesson. So Elder Hobbs and I just sat back and listened to his reasoning for a good 20 minutes and he ended up talking himself into reading more of the Book of Mormon. Who would have thought the "teaching skill" chapter in Preach My Gospel actually works? I'm joking, it's just that my pride often gets in the way of the Spirit. That's why I'm working on being humble.

I'm so grateful for President Drake and the Lord for allowing me to serve in Broadway 1 West! I've met so many wonderful people here and really learned how to contact. It was truly an inspired decision and whoever takes my place should be excited and grateful to be able to serve in Broadway. I'm also grateful to have served with Elder Hobbs. I feel super spoiled as far as companions go. As well as leadership, they've been obedient and diligent missionaries, and incredible examples for me.

Talking to my family was great! Modern technology is awesome. It was great to see their faces and listen to their voices. I'm glad everything is going good. I'll pray that California gets snow. Hopefully some of the rain here will get sent there.

Keep sending letters! I'll let you know the new address as soon as possible.

I love all of you. But I love Jesus Christ more. And this is where He wants me. So this is where I want to be.