N's email 8/31/2015

area: Jennings Branch (Welsh, Louisiana)
zone: Orange
companion: Elder Hobbs

I love being a missionary so much!

I have a few events that have happened recently and then I'll share some scriptures I found this morning.

First Event: We are teaching a less active deaf Thai man named Nae, so I'm learning sign language! I'm picking it up pretty fast. This is sweet! I thought I'd been called on an English mission but so far I've learned Texan, Cajun, and now sign language.

Second Event: We are teaching someone who lives in our apartment building who moved to the United States from Russia this summer. He speaks pretty good English, enough to carry a conversation. He's been so prepared though! And he's only 22 so we can relate to him a little bit.

Third Event: We had Stake Conference (Sunday services are combined with 7-12 local LDS congregations) and a general authority from the 6th quorum of seventy (people who help the 12 Apostles fulfill their calling) from Arizona came and spoke. President and Sister Drake also spoke. Half of the conference was about Missionary work and the other half was about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. It was great! I'm so excited to be a missionary in this area at this time!

Fourth Event: A very drunk Mexican, very nice, just drunk, made fun of me for balding... I was tempted to curse him and watch bears (or panthers since they actually exist down here) tear him apart.

2 Kings 2:23-24
Scripture: I read some awesome scriptures in the Book of Mormon Helaman this morning! Helaman 4 talks about some wars and the Nephites lose a lot of cities but gain some back, then in verse 19 it says that it is "impossible" for them to gain the rest of the cities because of how large the Lamanite army is. Then in chapter 5:51-52 it talks about the Nephites getting all of their cities back. How did the impossible become possible? The missionary work of Nephi and Lehi converted many Lamanites and the Lamanites gave, for free, the cities back to the Nephites. I love being a missionary!

I love all of you. But I love Jesus Christ more. And this is where He wants me. So this is where I want to be.