N's email 9/28/2015

area: Jennings Branch (Welsh, Louisiana)
zone: Orange
companion: Elder Hobbs

This week has definitely been an improvement! We talked to a lot of people this week, exactly 100. It's the first time I've done that since Broadway. I'm so grateful for Elder Hobbs and his work ethic and excitement to be a missionary! Many times when we see someone outside he says, "Let's go talk to that guy!" but then when we ride up, Elder Hobbs looks at me to start the conversation. He makes me laugh sometimes. Recently he's been very bold at the end of contacts when people reject us: challenging them to stop smoking; asking them why they're scared to pray; inviting them to church to see for themselves; etc. He's so great!

We met one man yesterday who wasn't interested even after our persistence, but when we asked him if there was any way we could serve him he said, "Yeah, give me something to help me quit smoking these cigarettes!" We leaped at that opportunity! We gave him a Word of Wisdom pamphlet and went through the bullet points under giving up harmful substances. That was such a cool miracle!

I love all of you. But I love Jesus Christ more. And this is where He wants me. So this is where I want to be.