N's email 10/27/2015

area: Pine Trails Ward (Houston, Texas)
zone: Pine Trails
companion: Elder Lee

This has been one surprising week!

First, we heard there was a hurricane coming towards us, from the PACIFIC OCEAN. It wasn't too bad here. No flooding or major winds in Jennings area.

Then we got a call saying I was going to be transferred, which was expected.

Then on Sunday, we got a call from President Drake. I thought, "Oh, no. He's going to ask me to be a Zone Leader... I'm not ready for that. Please be a misdial, please be a misdial." (Because I'm super prideful and always just think about myself. I need to repent.) Anyways, we answered the phone, but President Drake asked to speak with Elder Hobbs, NOT ME! And he asked him to train! I'm so happy! He's going to do great!

Then on Monday we drove from Welsh to Houston and I got a haircut at the Croft's again (unfortunately, the Crofts are moving, but the good thing is is that they are seriously considering going to Utah which means I'll be able to see them like all the time after my mission!)

Then on our way from the Croft's to the chapel in Kingwood, we got stopped at a red light, and the car that was next to us had CHRIS WAUGH in the driver's seat!!! I was so happy to see him again. Let me tell you what's happened in his life. He had been working as a cook in a bar and grill making about $10 per hour and he had to live with his grandparent (who raised him) and he wasn't going to be able to go before a court to get full custody of his two children because he wouldn't have won because he wouldn't be able to support them. But then he found a new job teaching H VAC at a local junior college (or technical school or something), and he's the department chair, and he's making about $26 per hour, so he was able to move out of his grandparents house (which was really good because his grandpa has Alzheimer's and it was getting really, really bad, especially for his son who lived with him), and get full custody of both of his children! The Gospel works!

Then we went to Transfer Meeting and I am now in the Woodforest area. It's near downtown Houston, in the Pine Trails Ward.

My new companion is Elder Lee. He's from Provo, UT but that's ok because he was born in South Korea and spent the first 12 years of his life there. Then he lived in New Zealand and Arizona too. He's been on his mission about 6 months.

I'm still District Leader and I have 10 missionaries in this district, 6 elders and 4 hermanas.

Our address is:
555 Normandy Street #326
Houston, TX 77015

I'm so excited to serve here and with Elder Lee!

I love all of you. But I love Jesus Christ more. And this is where He wants me. So this is where I want to be.