N's pictures from Transfer #10 - Humble/Edward & Keech - 12/8/2015 to 1/19/2016

area: Lake Houston YSA Branch (Humble, Texas)
zone: Summerwood
companions: Elder Edward and Elder Keech

entering THE Mission 12/7/2015

leaving THE Mission 12/9/2015

Elder Keech and Elder Edward

Elder Keech, Elder Edward, and Elder Combrink

THE Mission Christmas Conference 12/16/2015
standing: Elder Noall, Elder Edward, Elder Keech, Elder Hobbs #2, Elder Hobbs #1, Elder Combrink, Elder Kohler
kneeling: Elder Leftwich
sitting: Elder Lee

Elder Combrink, Elder Edward, Elder Keech

Elder Keech

Elder Edward

Elder Combrink

Elder, Sister Rivers, Elder Lee, Elder Combrink

Elder Edward, Jose, Elder Combrink, Elder Keech

entering THE Mission 1/18/2016

leaving THE Mission 1/20/2016