N's email 4/4/2016

area: Lake Houston YSA Branch (Humble, Texas)
zone: Summerwood
companions: Elder Ericson

Dear... everyone!

This week has been crazy! Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were fairly normal. Except on Wednesday President Drake came and did a companionship study with us. We talked a lot about planning and he told us exactly how he wants it done.

Then on Thursday we had weekly planning and it took 7 hours to get it done! That's a long time! Normally it takes 2 or 3 hours but we've been doing it wrong the whole time. We made a list of all the people we want to visit next week and it turned out to be 150 names! Then we made plans for what we are going to teach them when we see them. Then we inserted them into a slot of time for next week. We are so excited for next week!

Friday we went on exchanges in Liberty.

Several days ago there were major floods along the river that separates Texas and Louisiana. The water level raised 35 feet! On Saturday we went out there with some members of our branch, 1,000 members of the church from the Houston area showed up and we helped clean up 140 homes in several small towns. Our group moved sand bags at one house, about 400 of them. Lawrence, our recent convert came with us and he loved getting to serve with the Church.

Sunday was conference and our Branch President had all the local missionaries over for breakfast and both sessions of Conference, and fed us lunch between. Then they fed us dinner after.

I love y'all. But I love Jesus Christ more. And this is where He wants me. So this is where I want to be.