N's email 5/2/2016

area: Lake Houston YSA Branch (Humble, Texas)
zone: Summerwood
companion: Elder Ericson

It was a great week! We had a lot of successes and fun!

First, we've recently been struggling on making sure people are really progressing and missionaries are really doing what they're supposed to, while still focusing on the individual people we have stewardship of. Essentially, focusing on the people instead of the numbers, while still understanding that we need to work hard to become better. So Elder Ericson made a phrase. "Who many?" Jesus Chirst loved and loves the people, each and everyone one, but He also wants to bring as many people as He can to heaven. So now instead of asking "How many lessons did you teach?" or "How many investigators did you have at church?" or "Who are you working with?" We ask "Who many lessons did you teach this week?" and instead of giving us a number they list the names of the people they taught! We love it!

We got to go to the temple on Wednesday. It was a beautiful day, but all the flowers were pulled up and they were in the process of planting new ones because the grounds got flooded last week. Actually, cool miracle about that, the flood water got 8 feet from the temple door and when they built it one of the engineers said that they need to raise the ground level 8 feet and they didn't want to do it but he said they need to raise it to unbelievable flood heights. The Lord takes care of His house.

I love y'all. But I love Jesus Christ more. And this is where He wants me. So this is where I want to be.

Your favorite missionary, Elder Combrink