N's email 9/12/2016

area: Fred Branch (Silsbee, Texas)
zone: Beaumont
companion: Elder Souza

I love Fred!
I love being a missionary!
I love Elder Souza!
I love the Texas Houston East Mission!
I love Jesus Christ!
I don't have a lot to say. We had a another good week.
I do have a story though!

Quick Story: I was on exchanges in Jasper with Elder Galbraith. In the morning, we were trying a few potential investigators and less active members. For some reason, we drove down this road and it ended up being a dead end. As we were turning around though, I saw large, round, white things sitting on the ground in the forest of this empty lot. I asked, "Were those eggs?" Elder Galbraith didn't see anything. So we flipped around again and he looked at them and said, "Those have got to be rocks..." I jump out and rolled one with a stick. I noticed it had a hole in it and it was hollow on the inside. "That's an egg!" "No way," responded Elder Galbraith as he jumped out of the car. He looked at the hole and was surprised like me. Because it already had a hole in it, we figured we'd break it open and confirm it was an egg. So he took a stick and hit a few times, but it wouldn't break. He ended up snapping the stick. He hit the egg one more time with the remains of the stick and then it broke open. Whatever was in it had died a good while ago, there were maggots crawling around. I immediately smelled it. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! "That smells nasty! Go! Go! Go!" I was saying but Elder Galbraith couldn't smell it. So he meandered over to the car. Just as he got in, he finally smelled it and started gagging. Bad bad bad smell!

We had lunch, then continued with our day. We talked about the eggs, thinking they were alligator eggs, but then a member told us that alligator eggs are pill shaped while these are round. Anyway, during dinner hour we went back and took a couple of them. We realized all of them had little holes in them and they were all dead.

I now have a giant egg behind our trailer which this morning I started cleaning out.

The miracle of the story is is that over the past month I've been praying, asking for cool souvenirs (I know, not important at all, but still a little want I was having) and Heavenly Father answered my prayer. It grew my testimony of "if it's important to us, then it's important to Him."

I love y'all. But I love Jesus Christ more. And this is where He wants me. So this is where I want to be.