N's email 12/8/2014

area: Kingwood 2nd Ward (Texas)
zone: Kingwood
companion: Elder Six

I still love it here. There are 3 things I don't like; 1 it's stinking flat, 2 it's stinking humid, and 3 I have gotten 1 letter and 2 packages. 2 of those things can't really be helped... HINT HINT HINT!

Anyway, the people are incredible. Our progressing investigator, Chris, is still set on being baptized on 12/13/14 and he's still super excited about it. He's about 37 and has 2 kids and he's changed his entire life around for and through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I've even seen his attitude completely change in just 3 weeks. He's a hero to me!

We are mostly working with the members right now, they are super willing to have investigators in their homes for discussions and to come out and help us but we are trying to get them to be missionaries to their friends first off. I've learned that missionaries don't want members to hand over their friends on a silver platter so we can baptize them. We want the members to be the missionaries to their friends until they are practically ready to jump into the font and then we make sure they understand the lessons.  We get our own people to be missionaries to through tracting and referrals from Salt Lake.

We also got to go to the Houston Temple on thursday, which was incredible! I love the temple.

We also had this big program in for the Kingwood Stake called the Nativity. They bring in hundreds of nativity sets and put them up on tables around the gym and have choirs and orchestras come from the local schools and perform on the stage while people are going around looking at the nativities. There were soooo many people there and hopefully we get a bunch of new investigators from it.

Quick story, there's a family, the Giles, and they told us about their friends, the Gonzales family, who are super looked up to in their church's congregation (I think baptist) but they have been asking a bunch of questions about the church and are getting close to taking the discussions. That's how I like missionary work to work. Sister Giles also said that over my mission I will see missionary work as it was in the beginning of the church when whole congregations, towns, and cities were converted. That Christ is beginning to separate His people and that He is preparing people's hearts faster than ever. The Spirit was super strong and I know that what she said was true!

One last thing, it's a lot easier if you send letters cuz I only have about 50 minutes a week to read and send emails. So yeah...

I love all of you. But I love the Jesus Christ more. And this is where he wants me. So this is where I want to be.

(We've sent numerous letters and cards and packages, and I know others have sent things too - I don't know why he hasn't received more yet :(  Unless he means he's only received that many since getting to Texas. Oh, and things that were addressed to the MTC, but arrived after he left there, might be taking awhile to get forwarded to Nathan in Texas. Everyone please feel welcome to send him all the snail-mail you want - send it to the Mission Office, the address listed up on right side of this Blog. Thank you!)