N's pictures from Transfer #2 - Kingwood / Six - 1/5/2015 to 2/17/2015

area: Kingwood 2nd Ward, Kingwood Texas Stake
zone: Kingwood
companion: Elder Six

entering THE Mission 1/5/2015

leaving THE Mission 2/7/2015

(read Elder Combrink's email from 1/12/2015)

"heart attacking" the AP's apartment door
AP = Assistant to the (Mission) President

check out this picture
The only hill...
actually there's 2 more.
1. you can stand on, it's in a park, and it's about 7 feet high.
2. the dump, about 100 feet hill, surrounded by a very tall fence, and illegal to stand on.
yup, there's 3 hills in Kingwood...
that's it...
The Book of Mormon actually talks about Houston area
For the Brother of Jared said unto the mountain Zerin, "Remove"
-and it was removed.
sad, sad, sad, sad, sad...
but I love my mission

This house is in the middle of nowhere.
And it's surrounded by trailers.
Texas is crazy!

Elder Mitchell, Elder Huhane, Sister Thornton

Kingwood Zone P-day

Elder Six, Chris, Elder Combrink

entering THE Mission 2/16/2015

leaving THE Mission 2/18/2015