N's email 3/9/2014

area: Kingwood 2nd Ward (Texas)
zone: Kingwood
companion: Elder Noall

Another great week in Kingwood 2!

We have seen many of our specific prayers answered. We prayed for a young couple with a baby, and we were led to them. We prayed for a young man looking for more knowledge about God, and we were led to him. We prayed for a family with 4 children who will be prepared to be baptized April 4, and we were led to them. I love prayers and asking my Heavenly Father to perform miracles and witnessing them happen before my eyes. None are investigators yet but the Spirit and us will get them there.

Our investigator with a baptismal date, Mitchell, dropped us and that was really hard. He is such a great young man, but he got clouded with a bunch of doctrinal points that people should gradually learn. We don't give babies steaks and we don't give investigators mountains of doctrine. Line upon line, precept upon precept. He'll join the church one day though.

We also got a referral from the Hermanas for a young lady who wants to be baptized! Just 2 days after Mitchell dropped us. Tender Mercies!

Quick story! Sunday morning we were riding our bikes in a rain storm, my first time riding in the rain. We were soaking wet and our potential investigators kept dropping us, so we decided to go tracting. We knocked on one door, waited a minute and started knocking again when the door opened. A very tall man opened the door and said, "you just don't get it, do you? You're biking in the pouring rain, you knock on my door, wait 10 minutes"(it was not 10 minutes)"and then knock on my door again? You guys are crazy! But you know what? I've got 5 minutes so teach me something." We talked about prophets and read Moroni's promise to him and he said we could come back occasionally and share other scriptures with him. That's it.

I think I've gained 20ish pounds... I love Texans and their food, I hate the side effects... But at least I'm not starving!

I love all of you. But I love Jesus Christ more. And this is where He wants me. So this is where I want to be.