N's email 4/27/2015

area: Broadway 1st Ward (Houston, Texas)
zone: Broadway
companion: Elder Hobbs

The days are all combining together into a blob under the file of "missionary time" in my brain. So I apologize if I repeat things that I've said before.

I love being a missionary! It really is the best thing in the world! While I was in high school I kept hearing that "high school is the best time in your life, so enjoy it." Well, try a mission. On a scale, high school lands at about a 10, while a mission lands at an infinity. That might change after I get married and have kids, and probably again when I'm a grandparent. But still, there's nothing like being a missionary.

We had a lot of fun again this week. I'll tell you a couple of quick stories. One was on Friday, we went to an apartment complex that's not exactly the nicest, and there was some people outside who stopped us to talk to us. One of them was quite drunk... He kept switching back and forth between loving us and hating us because apparently we're racist or something. He started yelling at some other guy so we left. Then a super drunk Hispanic man came over and tried telling us something in Spanish, I think he was offering us marijuana for Elder Hobbs' bike. After a minute of us trying to tell him that we didn't understand him and that we needed to get to an appointment, the other drunk guy came over and tried translating, but he didn't know any more Spanish than we did. So we have a drunk black man (who thinks we're racist), translating for a drunk Hispanic man (who we're pretty sure was a drug dealer) for a couple of Mormon missionaries. It must have looked hilarious!

Another was that we knocked on a door of someone on the ward list, she opened the door, and we said who we were and asked if she was a member and the rest of the conversation goes as follows:
"Yes, but I don't go anymore."
"Well, why's that?"
"ummmmmmm... I'm not really sure."
"Alright. We're here to invite you back."
"Oh, ok."
It was pretty great! I love those kinds of less active members.

A lot of people ask me why I came on a mission, and I tell them a variety of different things, and then they see that I have reasons for giving up 2 years of my life, but many still don't understand. And I accept that. It's kinda difficult to understand a teenager, who did well in high school, saying "I'm not going to college for a couple years. I'm going to Texas to be a missionary instead. No, I don't get scholarships, or paid. No, actually I need to pay to be out there. Yeah, there might be other places in the world that need more help than Houston, but that's where I've been called. etc..." I understand that it's hard to understand. But if you would like to understand, read the Book of Mormon, you'll find out really quick why I'm out here.

I love all of you. But I love Jesus Christ more. And this is where He wants me. So this is where I want to be.