N's email 1/26/2015

area: Kingwood 2nd Ward (Texas)
zone: Kingwood
companion: Elder Six

We've had a pretty great week this week. It started off by finding a young family, Dillon, Melissa, and their 2 year old son Braxton. They listened to the Restoration lesson and it was the first time I was able to quote the first vision (T.H.E. Mission style) in an investigator lesson. Dillon felt the Spirit strong and Melissa was interested. They said we could come back on Sunday but when we went back they weren't home. We are going back this week to set up a new appointment and get their phone number though. I'm looking forward to teaching them!

We also set a goal as a district to have 1080 contacts in 3 weeks. We know the mission goal is 200,000 this year but making smaller goals over short times makes it seem like we can make more of a difference.

We also started a scripture study class on Thursday nights at 7:30 at the Kingwood building as a finding opportunity as suggested by Preach My Gospel. We base each lesson on a Bible video and then go through the scripture asking questions that most people don't normally think about. The Swanks came as well as a recent convert and that made it a good guinea pig class. They seemed to really enjoy it and we thought it went really well. We hope and pray that we'll get more nonmembers there in the future.

I'm still super grateful that I have Elder Six as my trainer. He's so awesome and has taught me a lot about the Gospel, missionary work, and people in general. I love my dad. He always tells me I'm spoiled too because I get the Kingwood 2nd ward as my first area and I get to live so close to President and Sister Drake and the AP's. I don't mind being spoiled every so often though...
I absolutely love my mission!

We also got to teach the Sunday School class this week and it went pretty well but a member brought up "other worlds" and we had a bunch of recent converts in there so we were luck uh oh. but we explained it pretty well and I said, "I know it kinda sounds like science fiction." And then Chris Waugh, our recent convert responded "Nope, it all had to come from somewhere right?" That was pretty awesome!

That's how Satan works, he takes truths or scripture and then he twists them, just a little bit at first, but over time it completely destroys the original doctrine. I mean the Greeks were descendants of Noah and look at their mythology. That's why we need a prophet that talks to God "face to face" on a regular basis. So we make sure the doctrine and Gospel never get twisted. There was a great talk this week by a member and he told a story about going river rafting but they didn't have a guide. His brother-in-law had a book about the river and how to raft and then they went for it. He said he almost died a couple times, such as going off a water fall backwards... Wouldn't we all rather have a guide who has read the book and goes by the book, but also knows the river? Same with life, scriptures are a precious gift from God, but I'd rather have a guide (prophet) any day. Now that we all have a desire to have a prophet today, we are all on the road to a testimony of one (Alma 32).

I love all of you. But I love Jesus Christ more. And this is where He wants me. So this is where I want to be.

watch "The Joseph Millett Story" as a family. And tell everyone else to as well.

N's email 1/20/2015

area: Kingwood 2nd Ward (Texas)
zone: Kingwood
companion: Elder Six

This week was great with the Interview Training and our Zone meeting. the Spirit was so strong in both of those and lifted my Spirits. They also gave me many answers to prayers, such as "what else can I do to receive more revelation?" Most of all they just strengthened my testimony over all and gave me an even greater desire to work as hard as I can.

We've also been noticing small miracles, such as praying for just one lesson when we go tracting and towards the end of a street and when we are running out of time we get someone who'll listen to a 10 minute pamphlet lesson. It's awesome! Although none of them have turned into new investigators for us our prayers have been answered. I know that Heavenly Father does hear my prayers and that as Elder Six and I continue to ask for a family to teach and bring to the waters of baptism we will be blessed as long as we are actively seeking.

Our commitment from the AP's to plan more according to the bullet points have also blessed us with a stronger desire to accomplish our goals and have allowed us to be busier.

I love my mission and Kingwood 2nd ward. The people, members and nonmembers, are so incredible!

That was part of my letter to President Drake.

I keep saying this, and Elder Six has noticed that when I really love something I keep mentioning it over and over and over (like food, mountains, snow, volleyball, lasagna (separated from food cuz it's inits own category of blessings from God that we can't just throw it in with all other food, I think ribs are the same way), Elder Holland, teaching people, etc.) but anyway, I love my mission. It's so fantastic and t's also flying by so fast. Elder Six goes home February 18 and he just keeps mumbling "I can't believe it. I can't believe it." over and over. He's awesome!

We don't really have any investigators right now, the only people that really listen to us are Hispanics and we turn them over to the Hermanas. but that's ok cuz I'm really beginning to like tracting.

I would like everyone to check out Moroni 8:16. The second half is the important part.

I love all of you! But I love our Savior more. And this is where He wants me to be. So this is where I want to be.

N's email 1/12/2015

area: Kingwood 2nd Ward, Kingwood, Texas
companion: Elder Six

These past 2 months have felt like a couple seconds. Like it feels like I left you guys in the airport at 4 o'clock this morning. It's soooo crazy! I'm not supposed to be thinking about how much time I have left but I am 1/12 through my mission. Today! And it feels like a couple of seconds.

We had transfers this week and I sent a picture of our zone, but out of the 10 people in my district nobody was transferred. I think I said that last week but oh well. And so rather than just having 6 district meetings together and then restarting with new people we just get to keep on going for 6 more. This one was awesome because our District Leader Elder Martinez just had all of us bare our testimonies and the Spirit was super strong and we all received revelation on how to help the missionary work in our area.

Recently I have been reading a general conference talk from the conference issue of the ensign every personal study. It has really made my studies more enjoyable because it is in our language and written by living prophets.

We are really trying to get more investigators for us to teach, we have 2 right now but lessons with them are extremely difficult to set and have them keep. So our mission has a goal of contacting 200,000 people in 2015 as a mission. Elder Six and I are trying to do our part by contacting at least 10 per day. we only got 42 last week but 5 of them turned into referrals for the Spanish speaking sisters (Hermanas). We are also setting up a scripture study class based on the Bible Videos the Church produces. We are going to encourage the people who attend to read the verses before hand and then we are going to watch the Bible Video with them at the beginning and then we have 5 to 8 questions that we are going to discuss fro the remaining time. We are starting on the 22 and having one each week. We hope to be able to gain more investigators through that.

We also used the hearts Mom sent me to heart attack the AP's apartment door. I took pictures and will get them to you ASAP.

Quick story, Elder Loveland, one of the AP's, went home last week and was replaced by Elder Brewer. Elder Williams is the other AP from before and now. Anyway, Elder Loveland was supposed to go home Wednesday night but his flight was canceled and rescheduled for Thursday morning. So Wednesday night he called all of his old companions, including Elder Six, and they were all surprised cuz he was supposed to be on an airplane, and told them that he got an extension for a transfer. He also told them that President Drake said he could stay with any companionship he wanted and asked if he could stay with us. Then the next morning we spent 2 hours getting our apartment ready for 3 people to study and sleep. And then he never showed up. We eventually figured out that he left Thursday morning and it was all a lie. So Elder Six beat up Elder Williams and Elder Brewer the next morning during chair soccer with a lightsaber. And we heart attacked them.

I love all of you. But I love Jesus Christ more. And this is where He wants me. So this is where I want to be.

N's pictures from Transfer #1 - Kingwood / Six - 11/24/2014 to 1/5/2015

area: Kingwood 2nd Ward, Kingwood Texas Stake
zone: Kingwood
companion: Elder Six

entering THE Mission 11/24/2014

leaving THE Mission 11/26/2014

President Drake, Elder Combrink, Sister Drake

Elder McDonald

Elder Combrink and Elder Six

arriving at the temple before dawn
Angel Moroni on the Houston Temple
Elder Six and Elder Combrink

the rest of their District:
back row: Elder Huhane and Elder Nonu

Texas Houston East Mission - 12/10/2014

Elder Hansen, Chris, Di Angelo, Elder Six, Elder Combrink

Elder Martinez

Elder Nonu

Kingwood Zone

District Nativity
on left: Elder Young, Elder Martinez, and Elder Mitchell
angels: Elder Six and Hermana Hull
on right: Elder Combrink
up front: Elder Huhane, Hermana Carling, Elder McCown, and Elder Nonu

Elder Young

Elder Six

Elder Six

Kingwood Zone p-day
Elder Huff, Elder Ressler, Sister McPherson, Sister Casas, Elder Dean, Sister Turpin, Hermana Hull, Elder Six, Hermana Carling, Sister Crump, Elder Young, Elder Mitchell, Elder Wollden, Elder Sarchet
Elder Knebel, Elder Martinez, Elder McCown, Elder Hunter, Elder Nonu, Elder Huhane, Elder Combrink, Elder Mamae

entering THE Mission 1/5/2015

leaving THE Mission 1/7/2015