N's pictures from Transfer #2 - Kingwood / Six - 1/5/2015 to 2/17/2015

area: Kingwood 2nd Ward, Kingwood Texas Stake
zone: Kingwood
companion: Elder Six

entering THE Mission 1/5/2015

leaving THE Mission 2/7/2015

(read Elder Combrink's email from 1/12/2015)

"heart attacking" the AP's apartment door
AP = Assistant to the (Mission) President

check out this picture
The only hill...
actually there's 2 more.
1. you can stand on, it's in a park, and it's about 7 feet high.
2. the dump, about 100 feet hill, surrounded by a very tall fence, and illegal to stand on.
yup, there's 3 hills in Kingwood...
that's it...
The Book of Mormon actually talks about Houston area
For the Brother of Jared said unto the mountain Zerin, "Remove"
-and it was removed.
sad, sad, sad, sad, sad...
but I love my mission

This house is in the middle of nowhere.
And it's surrounded by trailers.
Texas is crazy!

Elder Mitchell, Elder Huhane, Sister Thornton

Kingwood Zone P-day

Elder Six, Chris, Elder Combrink

entering THE Mission 2/16/2015

leaving THE Mission 2/18/2015

N's email 2/16/2015

area: Kingwood 2nd Ward (Texas)
zone: Kingwood
companion: Elder Six

This week was incredible. Although we didn't get in with any of our investigators and we couldn't find any new ones in our finding efforts, we had a great week of serving our recent converts. Elder Mitchel was on exchanges with me on Tuesday and we helped Harriet dig a trench in her front yard. Elder Mitchel actually dug that same trench almost a year ago when he served in this ward. Those two are best friends! I have a goal to become like that with all my investigators and recent converts.

Wednesday we helped the Crofts family sand and repaint a door which we thought would only take a couple hours but ended up taking about 5. We were going to try to see a few potential investigators with Chris but he ended us just coming and helping us sand this door.

Thursday we were able to take Chris to the temple for baptisms, Elder/Brother Thomas drove us. Chris had such a wonderful experience, especially because he was doing family names. He was so incredibly happy!

Then on Saturday Elder Six was feeling very dehydrated while we were tracting and then as we were walking away from a house he found a water bottle on the way out that WAS NOT there when we walked up.

Sunday was amazing, the Stake Patriarch spoke and gave great advise on raising an eternal family. Our ward is also getting super excited about missionary work since President Fronk instructed the ward council last week on inviting.

I love this ward, and I love Elder Six. I will miss him so much but I'm also glad that I was able to be his "son" and learn from him before he left. I'm his only "son" as you know and he had been praying for me for a long time. I consider any and all answers to prayers miracles, so this makes me Elder Six's miracle. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to be that.

This has been a wonderful 12 weeks. I get a new companion tomorrow. I don't know who yet. I do get to stay in this area though, which I'm super happy about!

I love all of you. But I love Jesus Christ more (Matthew 22:37). And this is where He wants me. So this is where I want to be.

N's email 2/9/2015

area: Kingwood 2nd Ward (Texas)
zone: Kingwood
companion: Elder Six

This week was awesome! Elder Martinez needed each companionship to get 13 contacts per day to reach our district goal, and we didn't get any on Monday so our goal was 26 on Tuesday and on the 25th contact we got 2 new investigators! Dayne and Kendall, a young couple who just want to know what is true. I'm so excited to continue teaching them!

Then we were blessed for striving to be obedient by being able to see a mormon.org referral who we've been trying to see for over a month. He's a junior in high school and wanted to understand our basic doctrine before he saw the play the Book of Mormon to make sure he knew what was and what was not accurate. He's a great young man, he'd make a good missionary too.

My exchange on Saturday with Elder Martinez was awesome!

Recently, because Elder Six and I haven't had anyone wanting to "come unto Christ" I was wondering if there could've been something in my past dealing with worthiness that I forgot about, and those thoughts got really strong Friday night. But then we got 3 new investigators Saturday and all but 1 of our plans worked out and were super spiritual. Heavenly Father answered my prayers that day and I'm so grateful for that.

I love my mission so much. I wouldn't trade these 3 months, that have felt like 3 minutes, for anything.

I love all of you. But I love the Lord more. And this is where He wants me. So this is where I want to be.

N's email 2/2/2015

area: Kingwood 2nd Ward (Texas)
zone: Kingwood
companion: Elder Six

We've had a great week this week. With a higher pressure and motivation from Elder Martinez and the district to get 10 contacts each and every day we've really been working hard to get that done. We've also had much more success because of it and have experienced miracles. One such miracle was a lady with 2 children listening to a 10 minute pamphlet restoration lesson. She accepted it really well but has a super busy life and told us we could try dropping by now and then but she couldn't be sure about a return appointment. She took a Book of Mormon though. She was the only person that listened to us all day. Her kids were super excited about what we said too.

We've also had prayers answered and have seen greater missionary excitement and efforts from the members. President Fronk asked for missionary experiences in Priesthood meeting and we had 4 or 5 of them. Really great ones too!

Elder Six is doing really well for how fast his departure is coming up. I love my dad.

I love my mission so much. The only thing I really need or want right now is more letters. Treats are good too. Cookies and brownies and stuff like that cuz candy is too sweet. I'm giving most of it away to kids at church.

I love all of you. But I love the Lord more. And this is where He wants me. So this is where I want to be.

I have a binder now so please start sending copies of my letters to you!