N's email 12/28/2015

area: Lake Houston YSA Branch (Humble, Texas)
zone: Summerwood
companions: Elder Keech and Elder Edward

I absolutely love the YSA Branch! I think it's partially because Elder Edward and Elder Keech are the best of the best. But also the members are so involved in missionary work, coming to lessons, and bringing their friends to church.

Christmas was great! I loved Skyping my family and being able to ask and respond to questions without a week of lag time like emails work. I love my family! I'm so grateful for the Plan of Salvation!

My favorite part of this last week was Tuesday night. We drove by some basketball courts and there were a bunch of people playing so we went over and asked if we could play a game. They laughed at us and after we got teams situated (the three of us and two guys who were playing against five of the rest of them) one of the guys from the other team came over and said "we're gonna whoop your butts. It's gonna be a blowout, 12-0!" We just smiled at him. Then Elder Keech during the first minute of the game made two lay ups and a three pointer. When we got to 12 one of the other guys on our team said we'd play to 16 to give them a chance. We ended up winning 16-11. Afterwards we said we'd like to share a message and 9 of them sat down on the court and we taught them the restoration and gave them all "Christmas presents" in the form of Book of Mormons.

Christmas Day we went caroling as a zone and that was fantastic! Everyone was so cheerful and everyone we carol led to received it so well. It really lifted the missionaries spirits to be unified in inviting others to come unto Christ.

Also! Sister Rivers got baptized! it was such a great baptismal service! the Spirit was so strong and she was so ready!

I love being a missionary.

I love all of you. But I love Jesus Christ more. And this is where He wants me to be. So this is where I want to be.

N's email 12/21/2015

area: Lake Houston YSA Ward (Humble, Texas)
zone: Summerwood
companions: Elder Edward and Elder Keech

I love this area! The YSA is the best! There's always members available to come to lessons. And our investigators, being YSA's, are nearly always available to meet so we don't have to deal with having to convince them to set aside time to meet with us. It's awesome!

Also, Elder Edward and Elder Keech Are my best friends! I'm sooooo grateful for them!

We went on an exchange this week, Elder Anderson came to our area with Elder Keech and I. It was awesome! The most memorable part was when we went to see a member who struggles with life. Before we got out of the car Elder Keech suggested we say a prayer asking for miracles. I offered the prayer and I asked for miracles, asked that we would recognize them, and asked that they would start as soon as we left the car. We got out of the car, read about Samuel the Lamanite prophesying about the sign of Christ's birth and then about the righteous being saved because the sign came. Then we gave him a blessing. Then he said, "I also have a neighbor who would like a blessing. Can I take you there?" We asked a few questions about his neighbor and found out that he's a son of a less active and the member said, "let's just say he's a golden investigator." So we hurried over, had a member present lesson, gave the neighbor a blessing, and then he gave us a referral of another neighbor. We went over there and that referral wasn't home, but his mom was so we got her info and passed it on to the Woodforest elders. Then as we got ready to leave, the member we were with had a friend over so we got his info and set up a time to watch the Restoration movie with them. Miracles!!!

We saw many other miracles this week too! I can't remember all of them and I left my journal in our apartment but there were many!

I love all of you. But I love Jesus Christ more. And this is where He wants me. So this is where I want to be.

N's email 12/14/2015

area: Lake Houston YSA Branch (Humble, Texas)
zone: Summerwood
companions: Elder Keech and Elder Edward

I love my companions! They're so great! Elder Keech doesn't fear anyone. He talks with everybody. He's such a good example to me. And Elder Edward always keeps a joyful spirit around and helps us laugh when we feel down.

Serving in the Young Single Adult branch is awesome! I love the activities and working with the member, but my favorite part is contacting. We search for YSA's and there's been many times when we've parked our car, jumped out, and chased down someone who looked like a young single adult. I love being a missionary!

We saw a bunch of miracles this week. I only have time to share one.

This weekend was Stake Conference and there was an adult session Saturday night. We didn't have any investigators going so we weren't going to go. However, we were in our car in the parking lot deciding where to go find some people to teach and a few members and other missionaries pulled up next to us to talk to us. Then right when we decided where to go a lady pulled up next to us and said some missionaries had invited her but she was scared to go in because she was wearing flip flops. We comforted her and brought her inside and sat next to her. The meeting was great and she loved it. If we had left 20 seconds earlier we would've never seen her.

I love being a missionary!

I love all of you. But I love Jesus Christ more. And this is where He wants me. So this is where I want to be.

N's email 12/8/2015

area: Lake Houston YSA Branch (Humble, Texas)
zone: Summerwood
companion: Elder Edward and Elder Keech

I am now serving as a Summerwood Zone Leader in the Lake Houston YSA (Young Single Adult) Branch. My new companions are Elder Edward (he's been here for 2 transfers) and Elder Keech (he's a new Zone Leader this transfer too). I'm sooooo excited!!! We cover 3 stakes geographical boundaries! Including Kingwood 2nd Ward, Broadway Ward, Baytown Ward, and Pine Trails Ward!!!!!! I'm so excited! I love being a missionary!

The new address is:
15100 Golden Eagle Drive, Apt # 904
Humble, TX (I don't know the zip code, sorry)

and it's super nice so it's definitely ok to send packages to

N's pictures from Transfer #9 - Pine Trails / Lee - 10/27/2015 to 12/7/2015

area: Pine Trails Ward, Houston Texas Summerwood Stake
zone: Pine Trails
companion: Elder Lee

entering THE Mission 10/26/2015

leaving THE Mission 10/28/2015

"They weren't kidnapping me. Just giving me a haircut."

Pine Trails Zone Conference

other zones in THE Mission

Beaumont Zone

"my Pine Trails District"
(N has been the District Leader)
back: Elder Goettsche, Elder Combrink, Elder Lee, Elder
front: Elder Otterson, Elder Knebel, Sister, Sister, Hermana Hurst, Hermana Hull, Sister, Sister

entering THE Mission 12/7/2015

leaving THE Mission 12/9/2015

N's email 12/7/2015

area: Pine Trails Ward (Houston, Texas)
zone: Pine Trails
companion: Elder Lee

Hi! This has been one crazy week! Everything went well though. We are the only elders with a car besides the Zone Leaders so we end up driving 3 other companionships around and it seemed like everyday someone needed to go somewhere. That's ok though, I liked being the Zone Taxi because I got to spend time with the other elders and learn from them.

I love December! It's finally not hot here!

I'm being transferred though. I'm super sad I only got to spend one transfer with Elder Lee and with this area but "I'll go where He wants me to go." I have been called to be a Zone Leader. I don't know where I'm going yet though, I'll get my address to you as soon as possible.

I love being a missionary. I love serving Jesus Christ by serving my fellow man. Time is going by so quick, but that's ok because it's way better than time going by way too slow.

I love all of you. But I love Jesus Christ more. And this is where He wants me. So this is where I want to be.

P.S. Please check out christmas.mormon.org and watch "A Savior is Born" it's only 2 minutes long. And I challenge you that if it makes you feel good and helps you want to come closer to Christ, then share it with a friend or two.

(I left most of the Christmas stuff in Kingwood but I kept the nativity. When I get to my new apartment, I'll let you know what decorations it already has.)